“Instructions” within the 6 areas of golf in all 3 books

You will find within the 6 areas of golf addressed in the 3 book system are “Instructions”. 

These are a few quick thoughts on primarily “set up” to the tasks at hand. I speak often of the sternum as I find that it is our swing center and as a teacher I am very aware of that swing center throughout any motion created in the golf swing or short game. There is only 1 shot in golf where the swing center (sternum-indicated by the buttons on a polo shirt) goes backward in any golf motion. That would be the flop shot. All other golf motion is where the sternum always moves forward to the target. Even in putting! The instructions in putting read in the book as follows:

“Feet shoulder width apart, ball position opposite sternum, shoulders parallel to target line, tempo is Tick Tock” If the putter head is opposite the sternum then the ball position will never change. That will create consistency with every stroke. Please see below.