How to play tournament golf and compartmentalize the thought process in an effort to stay in the moment

You will see to the left a scorecard with distinct lines placed every 3 holes in the scoring area.  All good junior players have spoken about after a very good round of golf, they were able to stay in the moment and not let their “mind” race ahead during the round.

My suggestion is to play a 3 hole mini tournament in your mind and the focus is not only on the hole you are playing, but what you do in a 3 hole stretch.  You try to stay even par or better for the 3 hole stretch.  Your mind will want to race ahead many times in a round especially when you make a double or triple to see where you can make up those strokes.  STOP!  The next hole is THE most important one that you will play physically and emotionally.  While playing tournament golf you will find your mind many times wandering and playing in a 3 hole stretch will help you stay focused and in the moment.  Once you finish the 3 hole stretch the line represents that you are done with that part and you look forward to the next 3 holes.  No looking back!  You will be surprised at the end of the round at what the total of the holes will comprise.  AND its less tiring emotionally! 

Working the 10 ball challenge in the Junior Super Star Golf program is designed to do just that!  Since EVERY ball counts, your focus is streamlined on the moment.  With lots of practice, it is the repetition of that moment that will eventually train your mind on how to focus.